Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020

Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020

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Today, many such incurable diseases are making humans their grass without any reason, which we had not even imagined. Some diseases are such that by the time they are diagnosed, they have engulfed the body due to their adverse effects.

There are also some diseases whose symptoms are similar to many other diseases, due to which patients and doctors are unable to identify the right disease, and the treatment effort made is fruitless. For the information, symptoms of some such incurable (serious) diseases are being given.

Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020
Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020

Symptoms and measures of critical disease now a days:-


At the beginning of this disease, the patient may have a fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bad body pain, etc. If the patient is not treated properly at this stage, the patient may have jaundice. There are special symptoms in the itchy body, stomach upset, the white color of stool, yellowing of eyes, yellow urine like mustard oil.

2.Ascites: –

Bleeding is considered to be an incurable stomach disease. In this disease, the stomach becomes enlarged due to water filling in the abdomen. In this disease, when the water is produced, the stomach throttles like a rubber bag and there are noises. At this stage, the viscous fluid in the stomach remains full. Veins are not visible. Due to the water, the abdomen is stretched and enlarged like a pregnancy.

Laziness increases in the patient of ascites. There is variability in the mouth and excess urine increases. There are thin stools. The mandarin and body become yellow. In the last stage of this disease, swelling in the eyes increases. This condition is extremely incurable.

3.Duodenum: –

Due to disorder occurring in Pakasthali, duodenal disease arises. In abdominal diseases, it is considered to be astringent. After this disease, pain starts in the waist, rib, neck, etc. There is a constant noise in the ears. Along with hunger, the eyes also begin to lose light. Vomiting and diarrhea continue. Cough, asphyxia, flatulence, flatulence, desire to eat flatulence, laryngitis, excessive thirst, feeling tired in the mind, face withering, fidgeting, hanging of breasts, ant-like all over body Walking, etc., begin to appear.

4.Cough: –

This disease is seen in children below the age of two to three months of age. The outbreak of whooping cough i.e. whooping cough is more in winter. In the first stage of this disease, some common symptoms like cold, mild fever, cough are seen, but after two weeks there is an onset of cough attack. Particularly, the child’s breath starts to dissipate, the face turns red and water starts coming from the eyes. The child becomes weak and swollen under the eyes.

5.Diabetes: –

The diabetic patient has frequent urination, does not sleep, feels thirsty, head baffles and the body gets tired only after doing a little labor. The weight of the patient starts decreasing gradually.

 There is more cohesion in the palate, tongue, and teeth of the diabetic and the symptoms of toothache, mouth odor, burning sensation in the soles of hands and feet, excessive laziness, etc. begin to appear. It seems to be in the ears and the sensation starts. The light of the eyes starts decreasing day by day. Sexual intercourse begins to decrease and the patient becomes very weak.


In this disease, the patient suffers from the thunder in the stomach, and diarrhea starts, along with nausea, chaos, flatulence, and smelly collision. In this situation, diarrhea starts continuously due to lack of treatment, due to which the body gets more water and complains of dehydration. 

7.Early Ejaculation: –

Early ejaculation is becoming a common disease of men in today’s time, which can lead to impotence, if not timely treatment. The sensation of sex comes to mind as soon as the penis gets excited, seeing the woman’s figure drips from the penis, ejaculates before sexual intercourse, not being able to have sex for a long time, along with weakness of the body, lethargy Initial symptoms start appearing in the diseases of this disease.

Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020
Symptoms and measures of Disease now a days in 2020

Do not take medicine without a doctor’s advice
Take a pill …….
Take a cold, cold headache ……… pill.

Examples of this kind will be seen on the days to come. If there is talk of a cold, cold or sore throat from a tablet, it is recommended to remove itching from any ointment, then mouth sores or cough with some medicine.

Here are some examples I have given. You will find many examples like this.If someone has a pain in the ear, some garlic oil and some mustard oil will be advised to be heated. If you have a cough, one would recommend turmeric with ginger juice, some betel leaf, and honey and some hot milk.

I would advise to take asafoetida, some lemon and eating soda, some black salt, etc. if you have stomach pain. If you have a headache, if someone wants to drink water from your nose, then someone would advise to eat milk jalebi. I mean to say that every person in our country is a doctor. If you have any problem in front of you, just tell the disease, the foreigner will tell you some medicine.

When sick, you should go to the doctor for treatment, but most people do not. Many people try to cure themselves by having the disease shown either on TV or by taking medicines prescribed by people. When there is no benefit from that kind of medicine, then think of going to the doctor.
Cold, cold, cough, stomach ache, headache, loss of appetite, indigestion belching, etc. Our people either do not believe in illness or consider it as minor illness. The sickness is not minor.

The small thing slowly assumes a big form. Constant cough or cold can take the form of TB.I know you are the world. Life will remain in the body only if the body follows the rules of health to remain healthy. If the sickness does not go, neither become a doctor yourself nor take any medicine prescribed by anyone. See the doctor immediately.


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